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Hello friends, my name is Fidan DEMİRCİ. I am a second year student in public relations and promotion program at Ayvansaray University Plato Vocational School Istanbul. Today I will talk about our distance education programs. Our distance education programs are cookery, foreign trade, graphic design, fashion design, hair care and beauty services, medical documentation and secretarial and tourist guidance departments. Our departments has 100% and 50% scholarship. You can take lessons and exams on the internet. We have a chance to live a lesson with teachers. In addition, students who cannot attend live classes can follow their course later on the site. It is also possible to access the teachers via e-mail. Only, at the end of the semester, they have to come to the campus twice a year and take the final exams. Detailed information about our departments can be found at or by calling 444 76 96. I wish a successful career to all new friends.SHOW MORE