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Greeting everyone my name is Yasin. I am a student at the Ayvansaray University Plato Vocational School Istanbul in maps and cadaster department. I'm the captain of football team at our school. It’s our first year in football team. We had had a hard time making football team. There are many AstroTurf (caroet fields) grounds in our school. We make use of these AstroTurf grounds. At first we had a team of twenty-twenty-five people; but we reduced our team to eighteen people. We usually do exercises. If we have competing team we play matches. We have FUTSAL League, we also have League named UNILIG. Our team is, first and foremost, always open to other teams and contain self-confident people. In school there is a tournament between classes; we usually select player from different classes or our friends whom we know well. Thanks to football, my circle has expanded. I met many friends because of team at school. At the same time, my friendship strengthened. We will go out of Istanbul for UNİGİ. It will be an enjoyable and entertaining experience for everyone. So I expect people to choose football. SHOW MORE