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Hello dear friends. I am the International Programs Co-ordinator in International Antalya University. Today, I want to talk to you briefly about what we are doing in our office. We are giving information about the exchange programs so that students can benefit from it. For this there are Erasmus Plus Exchange Program and Switzerland Exchange Program and additionally some other protocols which allow students to do exchange. Each faculty has existent agreements for sure. Therefore, none of the students are deprived from exchange experience. Soon there will be a Youth Exchange Program in which we are expecting our youth to benefit this kind of activities. When students come here, we sport them in any kind of way in terms of adaptation, activities and noticing the cultural differences. Likewise, we inform our students to get used to cultural differences who are going to other countries. Additionally, we continue to pursue youth activities, sports activities and Erasmus+ Exchange Program within our office. In our University all of our students can interact with each other since hundred percent English education is provided. Moreover, they can speak to many different tourists and people in Antalya without having trouble to communicate. To give an example, a student who came from a Russian speaking country will meet someone from the same country in town for sure. This will allow the student to feel as if he/she is in the hometown.
With these, if we were to talk about students who are going away, they can benefit from every faculty agreements. Which means, as you can go with deals made in your faculty, you can also make deals in another faculty if you wish. For this you just need to contact Erasmus department coordinators and indicate that you want to add the faculty you desire. We work with Erasmus coordinators so that you can benefit from that deal. Apart from that, having many foreign teachers here help us to make these deals and maintain a good relationship with them. We have many agreements with different faculties and various universities and the numbers increase each day. I don’t want you to think about only European countries with Erasmus. At the same time you can make deals with other countries and go on an Exchange program with existing protocols. This means when you arrive here, without staying in a specific territory or university, you have the chance to support us and experience different cultures, education systems and life styles. Of course you need to pass some stages to benefit from such a beautiful exchange program. One of them is Erasmus language exam. I am sure this will not be hard for you since we are lecturing in hundred percent English in faculties. In this part all you need to do is to keep your grades high. We take the average of both of them and if you make it to the list, you benefit from the exchange program. We are proud and happy to have never got a complaint about any of our students who went for either internship or education. In this manner, I would like to point out that students who come here are raised as an international student. Therefore, I welcome students who will come in the future and wish them success.SHOW MORE