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My name is Betül Ulusan. I am a student at the Antalya International University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law. I am at my first year of studies. I came here from Adana and today I would like to give you some information about girls dormitory in Antalya International University. Our dormitory building is situated inside the main Camus of the Antalya International University. Are where building is placed is quite big and really close to school, as it is inside the campus. That is why being in class on time is so easy. Because school is in the walking distance. Another one advantage of our dormitory is that it has several hospital agreements and ambulance can come within the minutes 24/7. This means you will get the help you need whenever you have any health problem. We have a supervisor with us 24/7. Actually, we have two of them – one during the day time and another one during the night. And of course, we have a male or female security all the time. Any time we have a problem it is always gets solved really fast. Our dormitories a really clean. Because our rooms get cleaned once a two day. We also have laundry rooms here. You can always handle there your clothes for washing and ironing at the very law price, or iron yourself if you wish. We have four different types of rooms in the dormitory. For four, three, two people or single rooms. In rooms for four and three people we have bunks, in rooms for two and one we have a base system. Also in all the rooms, every student has his own table, wardrobe and a book shelf above the table. There are also bathrooms inside the rooms. This means that every bathroom is being used by not more than four people. Those are the ones who live in your room. No one else can use your bathroom without your permission or while you are outside. On every floor, there is a kitchen in the end of the hall where you can find one refrigerator and a stove. Most of the students who stay in the dormitory are foreigners. This is a great opportunity for those who wants to speak English like a native speaker.
If you want, you can stay with international students and use it to improve your English language skills. For example, those of my friends who did not know English at all, were able to improve their language skills and grammer by staying in the same room with foreigners and practicing what they have learned in the prep school. This is a great advantage. We have a big lunch room in the dormitory. They serve breakfast and dinner during the weekend and also lunch during the weekend. Food is served as an open buffet, so there is no way to stay hungry. Because there is always a meat dish and vegetables. There is always an option. If there was nothing to choose from, at least there is always a soup. There is no way to stay hungry. Besides that, if you are not used to study in your bedroom, there is a big study rooms on every floor. You can take all your stuff and study there. We also have two huge study rooms on the entrance floor, they have a really nice lighting. Both on the different sides of hallway. I told you everything, but if you wonder what else is there to do for fun, we also have a TV room on the entrance floor. And in the basement, we have a fitness room next to the laundry and a ping pong tables. We also have pool table inside the fitness room. There is a PlayStation room in the back. And there is also a cinema. You can ask for the keys anytime you want and watch the movie you want from a CD or your laptop with your friends. Before anything else, the rules of our dormitory are very humanistic. There is no rule to be scared of. Of course, there is a certain hour that you have to be in the dormitory at night, but it won't be a problem if you inform the supervisor. Because our supervisors are really trying to understand us. " I went there, I was late, something happened..." it is really not a problem. You can even take a house permit if you wish. I can say that at one point real family atmosphere is being created here. At least it is possible to have a good time with your room mates and friends you made here. I would like to wish a good luck to those who are about to apply to our university and who are planning on staying in the dormitory. SHOW MORE