The Physical Education And Sports Coaching Department

Hi friends, my name is Burak Sekendiz. I am a fourth year student at İnönü University in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Coaching. The goal of our department is to train and educate future physcial trainers, educators, and coaches. Our department was founded in 1998 in the center of campus. We take important classes like: anatomy and physiology. With these classes, we also take classes in theory and have practical courses that help us get the experience we need in our fields. Our practical and sports courses are very physical demanding. Most of our classes and activities take place in our gyms, fitness areas, sports fields, and courts. In our fourth year, we have a mandatory internship that we must complete. At the same time, we must submit a final thesis paper in order to graduate. We can work in different sports clubs and in any types of places that fit our subject. We can also work as personal trainers or coaches. I chose this department because I love sports and wanted to study this field. I chose this university because of its quality academic staff. I also love that it is located in Malatya. I am member of the rock climbing club. On the weekends, we make trips to different places to climb and hike. In our free time, we like to ride bikes together. I am also a member of the bicycle club. I chose this department because I wanted to be an expert in this field. After I graduate, I hope to be the best coach and trainer. I believe that we are receiving a wonderful education in our field because of the quality of our academic staff. If you want to study this field, I would highly recommend our department and university to you.


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