The Frankofoli Club

Hi friends my name is Celal Yıldıray Yıldız. I am studying the French Language and Literature. I am president of our Frankofoli Club. Our club was founded in 2012. Our goal as a club is to socialize students who are interested in learning French and students within our department. We meet in any empty rooms or we meet in the Çamlık student shop. It also depends on what our event may be. We have about 250 to 300 students in our club. I am saying the exact number, because we do have some members who have graduated. We love having new members. People that join our club are people who are interested in being educating in French or people who are interested in socializing. We organize many different events throughout the year. We organize food programs, conferences, trips, and picnics. Our activities focus on getting to know other people. Our club is open to everyone who is a student at Namık Kemal University. We do not have any requirements for you to join our club. Our club gives students the chance to make new friends. This club has helped me grow in my ability to handle a lot of different responsibility. It is a great feeling to accomplish something. I am waiting to see you at our club.


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