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Hi friends, I'm Serkan Yumusak. I am a 4th year student at Inönü University in the Mining Engineering Department. Mining is one of history's oldest professions. The main task of a mining engineer is to determine the presence of the mine, to determine the quality and quantity to enrich the appropriate extracting method. In general, the courses are geology, mapping information, flotation, metallolgy, mineral processing, enrichment and the implementation of rock mechanics and implementation lessons. In the mineralogy, petrography and the minerals and rock mechanics laboratory we work to find the tools to determine the robustness and durability of minerals and structures. We want to bring the Mineral processing and enrichment industry into shape. Our department has a minerology and petrography laboratory. We examine the features that make up petrographic minerals and rocks in this laboratory. In the rock mechanics laboratory we examine the physico-chemical properties of rocks. In the enrichment of the mineral processing laboratory is to help to shape the industry needs.
Our department has a underground minig internship at the end of the 2nd year, then at the end of our 3rd year we have a overground or enrichment clinic. In the 4th year we have a final project and technical electives. We may work in various jobs offering very high salaries after graduation. We can work in the public sector management of coal in Turkey, Turkey coal enterprises, Etibank General Directorate of mining Affairs and institutions. In our department we are able to use the laboratories to help with our lessons. Our strong academic staff of the Department together with TUBITAK (the scientific and technological research Council of Turkey) have projects developed for both engineering point of view and a engineering perspective. By doing my doctorate degree after graduation I want to participate in academic studies. First of all, I wish success to friends who will take the exam. Friends who are considering to choose mine engineering mine engineering section, we expect Turkey to remove the dark to bright at Inonu University