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Hi my name is Assitant Professor Joseph Zand. I would like to welcome to the law faculty of İnönü University. I teach legal English and International law. My speciality is International law and in particular International human rights law. I have lived in Malatya and in Turkey for three years. My experience of living in Malatya has been a very positive one. In actual fact, our law faculty is a very young law faculty, but at the same time it is developing, a very developing law faculty and it’s getting bigger and bigger. And I think in the future it would be a very tangible law faculty in Turkey. As far as the city of Malatya is concerned, the city of Malatya has 600.000 population and it’s a mix of different groupings and what I like about Malatya is that everybody respects everybody else and I think if you were to come to Malatya as a student and live in Malatya you would have a very positive experience of living here. At the same time our law faculty is a very active law faculty, not only in terms of teaching but in terms of research and publications. In actual fact in the last three years our law faculty has published a number of very good articles in Turkish and international journals.
I’d like to emphasize that in the last three years that I have been here, we have published in a number of Turkish legal journals as well as international legal journals and this is very important since I think as far as the life of an academic is concerned, research is of paramount importance and the life of a researcher does not finish. In actual fact the life of a researcher continues as long as you live. I have to tell you that we have a considerable number of foreign students and as far as they tell me their experience of living in Malatya and coming to our university is a very positive one, so I think that is a very very important experience and a very important point that at the same time that you have to be happy with your university and law faculty but at the same time you have to be happy with the city you live in. I can assure you that Malatya provides you with that positive experience. Thank youSHOW MORE