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Hello friends, my name is Kadir Bozkurt. I am a 2nd grade student at the Department of Plant Protection in İnönü University Agriculture Faculty. Our department is located at the İnönü University Battalgazi campus and was founded in December 28th, 2013. The goal of the Department of Plant Protection is to do researches and to train individuals who would do works to have rich and quality products by keeping the plants protected from diseases, harms and weeds. Even though our department was founded 2 years ago, we have every necessary tool and equipment in our laboratories for our researches and works. We have an internship of 30 workdays total. We can do the internship in our department, in Plant Protection Departments of other universities, in institutions which are subsidiary to the ministry or in private sector where they have plant health department. We have a thesis at the last grade. Our campus is grounded in an 780 decare big area, and fruit, vegetable, vineyard and foliage plant farming can be done either in open area or under cover. Graduate researches are more focused on land and laboratory works. We get the title of Agriculture Engineer when we graduate from Plant Protection department. We can carry on with academic career or start working in research institutes which are subsidiary to the ministry, in quarantine directorates, in provincial agriculture directorates and also in private sector. The reason that i chose this department is that the agriculture faculty has a wider range compared to the other departments and it is more focused on finding solutions then production, so I and my family decided that this is the right choice for me. The reason that I chose İnönü University is that it is well established and has very good academicians in this department. Also that it is in the city where I live and that there are fields where I can do practical works with the help of my teachers was another factor which effected my choice.
Our teachers give us their time in order for us to develop ourselves and for us to become talented and potent agricultural engineers. They help us during classes and outside of classes. This helps students to feel safe about their future. Other than that, we make researches with our professors, we have laboratories, to experiment our knowledge. We also have a library, a gym, and internet center which shows us our limitless opportunities.
On my behalf, I participated insect festival, meeting organisations, seminar and sport events. However if other students want, they can join in trips, competitions, tournaments, seminars and workshops that our faculty organises. Until I started college, I was a very introvert, shy person who can’t easily talk in public. Thaw I used to avoid most events which took in place in public.
However, after I came to our university, I’ve started to feel more comfortable, and I was able to Express myself freely. Apart from that, I’m only sophomore I’ve already learned which practice to choose when professionally and what to pay attention before I do that. I can tell that my university helped me in so many ways professionally and personally. My primary aim right now is to develop myself as much as I can, and be a successful agricultural engineer. In addition to that I’m thinking of pursuing an academic career. I want to tell to the people who will choose university of Inonu, faculty of agriculture, department of plant protection: they can write this department on the top of their list. If they’re willing to make his choice, we are happy to welcome them. I wish everyone who’ll take the university exam all the success.