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Hello, my name is Müge DURUKAN. Istanbul I am a student of Istanbul 29 Mayıs University, Department of Translation Studies; English translation and interpretation. Language and culture are the cornerstones of our globalizing world. Translators also act as bridges by being intercultural communication specialists. One of the generally given lesson is our translation technology course. We find the opportunity in this class to follow the technology field of the current translation. By learning the software in translation we are entering a different part of the field. In advance, in relation to verbal translation the introduction to verbal translation course that we cover in the second class, we have a small introduction to verbal translation by first we study the modern - standard British accent and then enter the terms of medicine, finance and law in the introduction to verbal translation which we have seen in the second class in relation to verbal translation. We have our own private translation technology laboratory. In the translation technology lab we find opportunities to follow up and learn translation software up-to-date. A topic that we have written in our thesis project by our own and with the support of professors gives us an opportunity to graduate. After taking into consideration my own personal skills, I found out it’s convenience and chose this department. After examining the academic staff, I decided to choose this university and realized that it was a great choice that I had made by coming here while studying. Not only because of very valuable academic staff but also of comfortable communication with them. And in my opinion it is a possibility not everyone can possess. I benefited mostly from the academic staff mainly from my professors while studying here. I always have a chance to benefit from their experiences and knowledge. I plan to become an academician after graduation. I would definitely recommend our university and our department, for those who want to take advantage of advanced library facilities and to learn various types of texts and different cultures. I already wish luck to all my friends who will come to my university.
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