Hello, I’m Nusret Demirhan. I’m a student in the Department of International Trade and Logistics Management. I’m in my second year. Today, I’ll be introducing you to my department. Our department’s aim is to combine external trade and logistics marketing to prepare individuals to be ready for the marketplace and the field. Besides external trading and logistics management, we take general courses to prepare us for the sector: mathematics, statistics, direction, basics of international trading, external trading and logistics management. We don’t have laboratories or workshops. Our valued teaching staff try to compensate for this by taking us on technical trips . We have two internships, one in external trading and the other in logistics. I believe these internships prepare us for the real world. We have to complete a thesis project in order to graduate. The work opportunities of our profession are very diverse: in customs, firms which engage in external trading, and logistics management. I chose this department because of my personal curiosity. I chose my school as I believed it was a prosperous one as it’s developing in the Marmara Region of Turkey . After doing some research, I chose Maltepe University because of its great staff. I benefited from the knowledge and experience of our academic staff. I want to continue to grow in this field after graduation. To the students who select our university, I advise you to check out the website, the school, and the academic staff in detail before you make your choice. I wish success to the students who pick our department.


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