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Hello, I am Resul Göyüşov, and I come from Azerbaijan. I am studying medicine in Turkish, and it’s my first semester. I came to Istanbul, Turkey, about eight months ago. Before coming, I thoroughly researched the quality of education in Turkey. I checked out Maltepe University, and I thought I could study medicine here. Now I think I made the right decision. I came here as an international student, and my grades were good enough for me to be able to study medicine. I looked up the information online and contacted student affairs at Maltepe University, and I immediately started the registration process. The staff really helped me to complete my registration in a short amount of time.

As you know, there is a great difference between life in high school and university, and if you are studying at a university, you should be aware that you have a great deal of responsibility for yourself. I also came to realize that the level of responsibility required at university is high because I had to overcome so many problems. One of them was settling down here. The staff helped me with this, and I am living in the dorms and am very comfortable now. This made me really happy that the staff helped me solve one of my biggest problems.
I am very satisfied with the education provided by this university. This is one of the reasons I chose this school. The people here, especially the professors, are good at what they do and the quality of education here is a big indicator of this.

I lived in some other cities in Turkey. One of them was Ankara. There is a great difference between Ankara and Istanbul. There are advantages and disadvantages to living in Istanbul. On the one hand, the city offers a lot of social activities. There are so many places to visit. On the other, traffic is a problem and the population is large. This can lead to communication problems.
Besides classes, I am involved in many social and cultural activities, especially with my friends. These include playing basketball and football. On the other hand, it is very important for me to visit places that have historical and architectural significance with my friends, from which I gain a wider cultural perspective. My friends in Turkey are very helpful in this respect. My biggest advice to people coming to Turkey to study is that they should feel at ease about coming here and they should trust in the university personnel if they encounter any problems. Other than this, I recommend they be sociable and make a lot of friends. This will really help them to solve any problems they face quite easily.

I don’t have a detailed plan for after I graduate. Time will tell. I live here in the moment, and if conditions are good enough in the future, I will continue living here.