Sports Teams - Men Curling Team

Hello friends, I am a curling player. Curling is a game played on ice. It is played with a total of 16 stones (or rocks) over 10 rounds. It is a turn-based game like chess. It is like chess on ice with real people. The general purpose of the game is to collect as many stones as you can to the center of the arean. Your goal is to get more stones in the center than your opponent. Our sports team was founded in 2010. We compete in the UNIVERSIADE (University Games). It has already been 3 years that Atatürk University has made it to the championships with other normal universities. Since this is not a normal kind of sport, we do not have a place where we can train on campus. So, we train in the Curling Hall, which has been built in our region by the UNIVERSIADE. On campus, we are working only on our physical strength. We do physical training and fitness-strength training on campus. We do other kinds of training in the Curling Hall located within our region. At the moment, we have 10 players on our team. We have 5 men and 5 women. Our team consists of 4 players and 1 backup player. Apart from that, there are a lot of other athletes in our university. They can play on behalf of our university after taking part in the tryout rounds. We train 3 days a week on behalf of our university. We train as outside professionals the other day. We continue to help our athletes of by helping them get to know our team better and by creating a forward-looking infrastructure for them. There is also the Ünilig, which is the league where other universities compete with each other. It has been 3 years that our team has been included in this league. Wee have been the champions for the past3 years without any defeat.Ou highest achievement was earning third place in the European Junior Championship as a team.Apart from that, we are hoping to compete well at the Turkish Championship and the Ünilig Championship. Our team is open to everyone. We have people from inside our university and people from the outside as well. Our team does consist more of students from our university Our tryouts as well as our infrastructure is all set up. Other than that, many other good athletes may join this team by passing through our tryout rounds. Curling as a kind of sport individually can help develop our abilities in critical thinking, strategy in making practical decisions, and team work.


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