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My name is Serkan Bingöl. I'm a second-year student from the Physical Education Teaching department, I’m karate player. Karate is a Japanese origin sport. Kara means empty and this means hand. So karate means empty hand. Karate is defined as a defense art done without a weapon with empty hands. Karate is divided into two parts: traditional and athletic karate. In traditional karate, there is no intention of success. In athletic karate, training is carried out periodically and in the end, success is the target. Our university started admitting athletes in the karate branch since 2010. That is when we formed our team and our aim is to represent our university in the best way in Turkey through championships and gain success. We have indoor gymnasiums and tartan ring. We carry out our practices without any restriction in these places within the university. We joined the Interuniversity Turkey Championships with a team of 5 people this year. This number can increase or decrease every year. We have technical, tactical and flexibility and condition training all year round. As a result of this period we join Interuniversity Turkey Championship, which is organized every year. During my karate career, I have won a Turkey championship, second place in Turkey and third place in the team in Turkey. Our team is open to everyone who is a student at Atatürk University. Our requirement is for them to have an average knowledge of karate. I have been doing sports in the karate branch since I was 7 years old. I never had a bad habit. I went to countless cities and saw more than 30 cities. I met more people than ever and gained very good friendships. These are valuable things. Sports has had a big contribution to my level of success.