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Precious Young People and Beloved Student Candidates,
To change the world, to help shape the new century, and to help Turkey reach its goals of 2023 and even to the year 2071, you must first change yourself and join the family here at Atatürk University. Ataturk University breathes life into a city that displays Turkish history and geography since 1945. It has been one of the most important monuments for our country as it was going through a time period of national struggle.
Our university exhibits the characteristics of a dynamic, contemporary, and traditional university that has had 60 years of experience in the city of Erzurum. It displays a unique dignity that shows the crossroads of many civilizations and cultures. All of its efforts to research, discover, reach truth and offer education that is beyond themselves is at the forefront of what our university has to offer. Atatürk University is aware of this responsibility and makes it their goal to create a free, peaceful and intellectual environment where students and faculty members can research efficiently and effectively. Our university has a warm atmosphere that allows great relationships and interaction with our distinguished academic and administrative staff. They are closely involved in the academic careers of our students and provide education with a family mentality. We invite all students who desire to be happy and productive in this type of environment. We invite you to get to know us and join us at our university.
Atatürk University aims to be a university that values advancement and desires to provide the best education in the fields of science, technology, culture, social life and art. Undergraduate and graduate level education is taught by our well-qualified academic staff who work within 23 different faculties, 1 college, 1 conservatory, and 12 different vocational colleges. In addition, there are 25 different research and application centers that are affiliated with the Rectorate where many different activities in many different fields are carried out. We also have an Open Education Faculty and a Distance Education Learning Center. It continues to develop with over 284,000 students through our graduate programs, our dual education degree programs, our associate degree programs and our certificate programs.
Our university is preferred from many others because of the high quality comfort services that we offer to student in terms of living spaces, social, cultural and artistic activities, dormitories and transportation opportunities.
Beloved Students,
While the 20th century has been expressed by the concept of "change", the 21st century is a century that must be expressed with the concepts of "development" and “transformation.” For this reason, our task is to be a university that “prepares for development and transformation.” It is important for our country to prepare our project plans and studies in light of this.
With our social responsibility projects, we offer career plans and paths to our students for the purpose accelerating their potential to enter the work force while at the same time we seek to serve the future of our society. I would like to point out that our basic goal is "to do our job well, to work hard, to be innovative, to be developers, to be transformers, and to achieve the highest goals as a student.” We are able to offer opportunities that help us invest in our important future professions and actualize our goals. An institution that aspires to increase its quality of graduation, to offer lifelong educational opportunities, and to personalize educational options has the best cultural and ethical values that will help provide its place among some of the best universities in the world. This is one of main goals for 2023.
Beloved Students,
Receiving a "Higher education diploma" is an indispensable document and should mean a great deal more than owning a driver's license for example. This will help carry you to your career goals. When you are trying make your selection, you are not just choosing the knowledge you will learn and the diploma. You are choosing more than that. We are looking forward to our university developing an even more open, fully equipped school for our students. We will present more opportunities that will encourage a modern university spirit and encourage our students to embrace their futures with solid roots.
In this very important life decision, you need consider the contemporary people that you will encounter. I will greet you with my enthusiasm and say that I hope to meet here at Ataturk University.