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Department of Radio, Television and Cinema

Greetings, I am professor Dr. Burcu Kurtiş, Head of Department of Radio, Television & Cinema. The Radio, Television & Cinema Department is located in the Faculty of Art and Design of our university. At Neotech Campus, which gives its name to our campus, we offer lessons for television and radio, and provide hands-on training, including workshops and studios. But much more important than that; media that has evolved throughout the recent past and has become digital. At the same time, we are working closely with other departments in our faculty, developing joint projects together, long story short, working on interdisciplinary projects. We shoot programs which are shown on the white glass or white screen experienced with our staff who have either academic or sector experience. We plug-in our headphones and broadcast with our teachers who are radio broadcasters and managers in Turkey’s radio channels. Moreover, with its 124 application labs, which is regarded as one of Turkey’s largest research centers, Nişantaşı University aims to provide students with professional experience before graduating with its latest technology simulation centers, laboratories, and workshops. Students of Nişantaşı University benefit from scholarship opportunities until they graduate without interruption, regardless of their GPA’s. In order for our graduates to be among individuals with the experience and equipment required by the business world we support our students with 2 certificates each semester. In addition, our students can have the opportunity of education and internship abroad through the Erasmus Program within the scope of the support of our International Office. All the students of Nişantaşı University step into the sector in the last semester before graduation with the Professional Practices at Work course. Among our alumni, there are numerous individuals who are producing and directing in the sector. There are also those who do editing and cinematography and animation. In short, the education 5.0 system is not just giving diplomas. It is a reformed education system that aims to instill professional competence and the ability to think and generate ideas within our students. For this reason, it is a privilege to study in the Radio, Television and Cinema Department at Neotech Campus and to be from Nish (Nishnova Entrepreneurship Office). If you want to be a part of our team and study in the Radio, Television and Cinema Department, we are waiting for you.
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