Action and Entertainment Group

Hello. I am a student of Başkent University Radio Television Cinema Department. My name is Çağlar Şahin. I am also the president of the Action and Entertainment Group. Our group was founded in 2015 to increase the entertainment activities at the school. On campus we are gathering in the meeting room of our Cultural Directorate or in the arbor of our school in general.
Our membership count is currently around 350-400 people. But every year the numbers change. Generally, new students entering the school, the prep school students, want to participate in this community. Because they are attending university immediately after school so that’s why they want to go on acting more actively together. Every year we organize barbecue events as the first activity. In addition to this, we are doing ATV riding, ATV touring, horse riding activity, paintball tournament and so on. Our most extensive activity is our paragliding activity in Fethiye. In general, we have a great activity with attendance of around 50 - 100 people. Our group is open for everyone. That includes our folks. We do not have any conditions for members. I can say that one of the features that this community has provided to me is the ability to acquire a friend's environment and to communicate more easily with other people.


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