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Hello, I am third year medical faculty student, Bahadır Azizağaoğlu at Başkent University. Medical facilities are provided by MEDIKOSOCIAL Center on campus. The MEDICOSOCIAL Center is located within the dormitory building and every student who needs it can apply for it in an emergency case free of charge for the first time, and then in accordance can benefit from it via social security situation of their family. When a student with a medical need goes to MEDICOSOCIAL Center or to the emergency center of our hospital, he/she is admitted free of charge. In the following period, it is assessed according to the status of the family's social health insurance. It is a very big advantage for us, especially for students, to get free of charge emergency health care both on campus and at the hospital. The aim of the MEDIKOSOCIAL Center was to make Başkent University’s first emergency medical intervention to its students free of charge. I've benefited from this service before. When I applied to the emergency service, and was examined by doctors only with my student ID card. And then I took advantage of this health care free of charge by completing the necessary procedures. Having such a facility on campus is a great advantage for us, students. Because, in emergency situations and in any health need situation we can apply to the MEDİKOSOCIAL Center and our procedures will be done quickly and free of charge. Moreover, it is very easy to reach the nearest health institution in the fastest way with the use of MEDİKOSOCIAL Center ‘s ambulance.