Health Management Department

Hi, I am Salih Can Karahasanoğlu. I am a third-year student at Başkent University and at the Faculty of Health Sciences and in the department of Health Management .The department’s aim is to train professional managers who will work in the management departments of hospitals with a high level of knowledge and skills. The courses that are taught to us include general courses such as accounting, business and law courses as well as courses such as health economics, health sociology, epidemiology and health terminology. Our internships are carried out both at home and abroad, and consist of a total of 8 weeks, 2 weeks in the 2nd year during summer and 6 weeks in the 3rd summer. During the fourth year of our studies we need to do short commercial films and finishing projects in order to graduate from our department. There are no laboratories or workshops in our department. But we are also working in the library of our university if necessary. When we graduate from our department, we can work for private medicine and medical device companies in Social Security Institution while working in many field administrations such as university hospitals, foundation hospitals, private hospitals and the state hospitals. My friends, in the continuation of the video another colleague of mine in our department will be briefly talking about the experiences while studying in this department at Başkent University.
Hello friends, I am Pınar Şenol. I'm a fourth-year student at the Department of Health Management. I chose the department because it opens door to a variety of jobs. Since the health sector is a constantly evolving and changing sector, I chose this part because the job opportunity also develops with it. I chose this university because it teaches students by giving practical internship, education and possibility to work after the graduation. We are very fortunate in terms of academic staff. We are also able to meet with professors outside office hours. In addition, we are a department where social activities are also intensive. Whether it's our markets or our public spots. I am using this area in this department because of the academic staff and social areas in our university. After graduation my goals are to start a master's degree and at the same time to start working at the hospital where I do my internship. In our department, we see both quantitative courses such as business, economics, and accounting as well as field courses. So, in other words, our department is both numerical and verbal. This department can easily chosen by those who like the courses that I mentioned above. They can also opt this university because of our campus. We have activities in our campus such as lots of green spaces, cafes where students can sit, and also we have restaurants. That's why they can choose it. I would like to say welcome and wish luck to the candidates who are coming to my university.


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