Department of Accounting and Financial Management

Başkent Üniversitesi - Commercial Sciences Faculty - Department of Accounting and Financial Management - Can DENİZ - Student - Male - 02:12 - 2.School
I am Can Deniz. I am a Başkent University student in the Faculty of Commercial Science, Department of Accounting and Financial Management. After our one-year preparatory education, we move on to degree education. We have a 4 year compulsory degree. The first two years of this are the courses taught at the General Commercial Sciences Faculties. From our lessons. From class 3 and 4 onwards, the course consists of Mathematics, Statistics etc.lectures that will be seen as relevant to the profession, to some extent relevant to the field of interest to everyone. Our department has the aim of educating talented, knowledgeable, well-trained professionals in the current market. To graduate from this department we need to average 2.0. This is actually not a difficult average. It's not impossible. If you see your predisposition to class lessons already, this will not be a problem for you. We have an internship for 1 st semester. Apart from that, in the 4th year, we have a 3 month compulsory on-the-job training related to our vocational education. And friends are a bit more on the forefront than friends from other markets. Our department is quite an open ended department. They will see it when they come to the 4th grade stage. They will have the opportunity to work in many companies related to commercial science, as a self-employed person in the sector and in organizations related to government, Ministry of Finance, SPK, BDDK and such institutions. continuing from this video, another of our friends studying this department is going to briefly talk about the experience of studying in this part of the University of Baskent.
My name is Ayşegül last name Aksoy. I am studying Accounting Financial Management at Başkent University. I'm in third year right now. I chose this department because my dad is a financial consultant. He guided me because he is a financial advisor. Accountants will always find a job so that there is always more employment opportunity. So that's why I said accounting and there's also finance so I thought I'd study finance too. Finance is more open, accounting, additional financial accounting, banking, auditing. I chose to study this section because it gave me more employment opportunity. My father contributed to be honest. The reason I chose Başkent University was I went to the introduction days. I saw the academists there, I saw the quality of the lecturers, they are very qualified. I looked at the other universities, but the quality of the education and when I spoke with graduates there and saw no-one was left unemployed I said I will choose this department. Because we have very good quality. I'm not sorry, I'm very happy. The library is already number one. During these opportunities, we were new to the library. It is very big and very nice. My working capacity is increasing more here. Teaching staff provide a very good education, especially Sayın Narin Hocam. There were Playstation in the recreation areas, there was a billiard. We played quite a lot. The shuttles depart from Tunus and Sıhhiye every hour. Free. We have evening shuttle services. It is a place that is full of possibilities. They also provide continuous shuttle service without paying money. I want to become a Financial Advisor after graduation. But I want to go to finance to study finance and accounting, or banking or auditing but I can stay at school on the advice of the lecturers. I could be at the academy. So I guess everything will be clear in the following year. Here there are opportunities offered to graduates; I repeat again Narin Hoca gave us so much information that this information is being used in the Financial Consultancy Examinations at the moment. And I spoke to most of the graduates and I could say there are almost none jobless at the moment. References from the school and lectureers are very important. That's what I rely on, listening to the graduates. Relying on this, I trust my success. I do not have any worries beacuse the school has the highest quality of achievement anyway. That I can not find work. I recommend the students who want to choose the department; I would suggest that if they really want to be accountants or financiers, and if they want to keep up with the information they have received in this 1st and 2nd year or the information they have received for 4 years, Our academic staff are very good. We are very interested in helping a lot. We are constantly asking questions, they are able to help, where we do not understand, they run to our help immediately. We're a comfortable school. We are very good in this regard. From the point of view of the school, we have a lot of job opportunities in terms of departments. Too much in terms of language. If they want to be really good business owners or if they want to be accountants, I would recommend that they come here because of our school reference. I’d want to.


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