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Hello everybody. My name is Barkın Özkan. I am a sophomore student at Faculty of Communication Sciences, Department of Communication Design and Management. At the same time I am the president of the Radio Community. Our radio station was first opened in 2004. Since then our community had been active. We have been taking care of our radio broadcasts 24/7 for 13 years. Our community was established to help those students of Baskent University who wants to broadcast. We have our own place on campus where we usually meet. At the same time we hold meetings on the faculty of Communication Sciences. We have almost 500 members now. Generally those are students from faculty of Communication Sciences, but at the same time we have members who are studying social sciences. During the academic year we usually have introduction meetings, breakfasts and dinners together. This is how we are trying to make our broadcasting more fun and create a real friendships between the community members. The most comprehensive event is the broadcast itself. We broadcast 24/7 under the name of Radyo Başkent. Most important activity is continue on broadcasting. Besides that we organize different panels and conferences. We hosted many people here, such as Modern Sabahlar team and Özgür Aksuna. We had a chance to host Modern Sabahlar team this semester. Our community is open to any of Baskent University students. We don't have any criterion or rules. We only aply rules and criterions while creating the broadcast team. In general those are ability to broadcast continuously, being a student and studying related field. We also want them to refer to cultural and social aspects. The biggest advantage I got was improving my diction skills. My diction was not so good, but broadcasting helped me improve it. At the same time I had a chance to meet many other students from different faculties. I think it helped me improve myself in social aspect. Because I am a Faculty of Communication Sciences student. We have opportunities to meet people in many areas but being social is different. You can't go to any faculty you want. But here we get a chance to meet students from different faculties. This is important to me. And on the other hand this is a chance to practice. It gives us a chance to start our career one step ahead of everyone else. SHOW MORE